A jacuzzi spa custom made for your own home

Creating a tailor-made jacuzzi spa means being able to choose coating materials, colors, create an original shape and achieve perfect integration. It is also to define the material adapted to the massage, tonic or soft. We must consider all the benefits of tailor-made for a complete well-being.

A spa at home

There are spas of different sizes on the market, which can accommodate from 2 to 12 people, which allows them to be installed, some models dug in spacious gardens and traditional on small terraces. Your choice will be first guided by the space you have.

You must also take into account the rules enacted by your municipality or by your insurer regarding for example the distances to be respected between your spa, your property and the limits of your land. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy your spa year round, it is better to install it about 3 m from the house so you do not have to walk in the cold too long to get there.

The dimensions of your spa

Installing a spa is a project that is important to you, but you must consider the location of your spa, the use that you intend to make and the ...

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So, to install a spa in your veranda or in your garden, it is to offer you a bath of relaxation in family or with friends. Customized spas allow you to manage the space available for your spa installation.

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