You can rent my boat while on holiday

The SamBoat adventure begins with the meeting of Nicolas and Laurent, both ardent about sailing and collaborative consumption. Together, they raise a problem: a pleasure boat is often little used and expensive for its owner while many people would like to go offshore but do not own a boat. It is a platform that links owners and tenants with real confidence.

In fact, you are the owner or tenant; all your steps are now simplified. It is quite possible to subscribe to a direct insurance directly from the website of the agency.

Choose your destination

Look for your endpoint among the many that Samboat has. For this purpose the search engine of the reception will allow you between your requirements so that the agency offers a set of boats available. If you are still unsure about the destination do not hesitate to discover them in the Destination banner

Choice of boat

In this step it is imperative to choose your boat and availability dates, so that it accurately meets your desires. After finding the boat that suits you, you are permitted to add as many options as you like.

Confirmation the order and payment

Once your choice is confirmed, the team offers a swift of the offer with the price of it. The cost is suitable for you then you can take advantage of our secure online payment system by bank transfer or credit card.

Meet your tenant

On the D-day, you make a list of the boat and then sign the rental contract provided by Samboat. Take control of the boat with the tenant and share your advice on the navigation area.

Make your inventory

When the day comes, you board the boat if it fits the explanation of the advertisement. The owner helps you take control of the boat and you sign the tenancy.

You cash the settlement

Do not worry about anything; you are certain to be paid with secure payment. In addition, we manage deposits online; an impression is made on the bank card of the tenant immediately yourent my boat. Unlike sailing boats, renting motor boats will give you access to many water sports: water skiing, pulled buoy or wakeboard. Thanks to their low height, you can safely visit small sheltered coves to relax in the middle of a competition. Note that most boats in this group are only accessible with a boat license.

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