Ways to rent my boat via Samboat.com

If you really want to enjoy the beautiful, with views and fresh air, you can if you can go on an adventure with a small boat, a catamaran or a powerful motor boat.

Why rents a boat?

To have a completely different view of the sea. The ability to reach isolated beaches and coves inaccessible by car for a good tan (Double exposure to the sun: from above and reflected by the water). Excellent swimming from a boat: jumped and swam. Swimming and lifting. And finally, the romantic picnic on the water with a magnificent view or the Blue Lagoon.

How do I find a place to rent a motorboat?

You drive a rental car along the road along the sea and look for signs indicating the rental boat. It is advisable to drive in advance and book a rental. This trip requires a passport or identity document and may require a fee to enter. To rent a boat with motor power up to 30 HP, fees and licenses for boat management are required.

Rent a boat from Samboat

Samboat remains in the list of the best boat rental companies for private individuals. For several years now, the idea of rent my boat has been in vogue, and the new features are always reassuring. Samboat's catalogue has grown a little bit with the number of boats available for rent. At the moment, the most popular routes are sunny countries such as the West Indies, Seychelles, Corsica is still available, etc. But we also have a boat rental through canals and rivers as well as rivers, such as those that love France, Germany or Italy, Ibiza and others.

The price has dropped slightly even if it is no longer the sea boat rental season, but we know that nowadays, we can still get familiar with the boats, because its rental is very flexible.

Where to go for a top of the range boat rental

Where to go for a top of the range boat rental
More and more individuals are posting on the networks on board luxury ships or motorboats during holiday periods, which is bound to make people envious. As a result, many people have decided to get serious about good practices to benefit from them.Where can I find a boat for rent?Finding a boat to rent on the market is no longer a real concern for most people at the moment, knowing that you can distinguish between physical and online boats. However, of the two, the virtual method is the (boat rental) [...]

Relaxing and holiday activities in Sardinia

Relaxing and holiday activities in Sardinia
You've probably realized for a long time that Sardinia is a wonderful destination for a perfect holiday, so it won't come as a surprise to hear that you can enjoy a romantic holiday in Sardinia too! Whether you're young lovebirds looking for a location to generate happy memories, celebrating a unique occasion like an anniversary or birthday, planning a great honeymoon, searching for something amazing to offer to your partner, or just looking for a romantic location to enjoy (boat hire sardinia) [...]

The perfect place for boat hire Sardinia

Sardinia’s glamorous Costa Smeralda, or Emerald Coast, is a hub for the rich and famous adorned with 5-star hotels, exclusive restaurants and bars, haute couture designer boutiques and of course yacht charters! Sardinia's most appealing aspect is its unique natural allure and makes for an ideal vacation destination. The island is dotted with seductive beaches, lapped by turquoise waters; La Maddalena Archipelago national park is where some of the best beaches can be found and is a (boat hire sardinia) [...]

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