Balneotherapy directly from home

For years, the benefits of water have been in the spotlight in spas, thermal cures and thalassotherapy. Today, find the best of balneotherapy and all its virtues in your shower cubicle, your whirlpool bath or your home spa.

Balneotherapy: definition

Balneotherapy refers to all the treatments carried out by baths. The spa or the whirlpool bath works on the same principle. Air and water jets equip the bathtub to provide relaxation and relaxation. The only difference is that the spa, also called Jacuzzi, is practiced outside on a terrace; which allows it to endorse XXL formats. It can be used with several people, with friends or with family. While the spa bath is rather reserved for solo use at home.

In water around 38 to 40 ° C, air and water bubbles form and bubble on the surface. The eddies of these effervescent bubbles have relaxing or energizing properties that help relieve temporary tensions due to bad posture, fatigue or stress. On contact with them, the muscles relax and relaxation can begin. But that's not all: the air and water bubbles hydrate your skin, which becomes firmer and softer to the touch.

Choose the size and shape of your home spa

In round or rectangular versions, the high-end Kinedo spa. It has up to 5 seats, a staircase for easy access, 26 nozzles, headrests, chromotherapy spots, a heater, etc. A complete hydromassage system! Be aware that there are more compact solid spa models. The massages alternate thanks to the power of the jets for a bubbling and draining whirlpool effect. A turbo system for a harmonious distribution of the power of the jets delivers a soft and tonic massage. All coupled with chromotherapy to stream your music via a Bluetooth connection.

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