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Buying a boat is an investment that costs money and time regardless of the program. Most importantly, before buying boats for sale, making a decision and signing a bill of sale, is to take into account all the parameters. When buying a used boat, and even a new boat, it is important that the reason prevails over the passion and the crush. For that it is important to make a point on its program, its budget.

The program

Determine your program well, in order to target the size of the boat you are going to buy, its equipment, its marine qualities, its facilities. It would be a shame to buy a pure race racer very technical to make the family cruise ... .and vice versa ....

The budget

Determine your total budget well; the purchase of the boat, the costs to be expected, whether immediate or to be considered in the coming years (rigging, sails, engine ... .. very expensive items) as well as annual fees (insurance, site, wintering, equipment, ...), but also the berth, often too underestimated.

The size of the boat

This point is directly related to the first two but is also a source of concern if the size does not match the desires and abilities of the crew. If size does not necessarily affect the complexity of maneuvering a boat, it will be easier to manage the urgency of taking a reef, alone, on a 10-meter sailboat than on an 18-meter unit. Conversely, a 10m sailboat will do it for a program taking you to the cold weather with your family? In short, the ideal boat size does not exist but will depend on your program.

So, invite your family and friends to join you on board and treat yourself to a memorable vacation. The cruises on your boat will quickly become a privileged moment, expected of all, where you will create memories forever.


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