8 Cool and Unique Jacuzzi Attachments and Hydrotherapy Gear

Who doesn't love a good jacuzzi?

They're warm, they're relaxing, and they can be used for all sorts of things! Sure you could use your new Jacuzzis to relax in the hot water (who wouldn't want that?) but what else can you do with it? There are tons of attachments and hydrotherapy gear out there to make your life easier. How about an underwater speaker so you can listen to music while taking a bath or even an oxygen bar so you don't feel like passing out when getting into the tub? Here's our list of 8 cool and unique attachments and jacuzzi hydrotherapy gear!

- You can find many different types of attachments at a place that sells jacuzzis. The most common include shower heads, speakers, and lights. Some people even get massage jets for their Jacuzzis to really pamper themselves when they take a bath! If you have the money there's also an oxygen bar attachment which will put oxygen into your water so you don't feel like passing out after getting in because it's so relaxing. And if none of those suit your fancy then just get some underwater speakers or colored lighting effects to play around while taking a nice warm bath.

What are examples of some jacuzzi models that are best selling?

- Let's start with a list of some jacuzzi models that are best selling. The first one is the SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set, which can fit up to four people and has 120 bubble jets. The next jacuzzi brand is the PureSpa Bubble Spa, which can fit up to four adults and comes with a two-way pump for even more bubbles! If you're looking for something on the cheaper side then check out this Portable Inflatable Hot Tub by MSPA that fits up to four people and comes with a foot pump for easy, no hassle inflation.



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